Complete Future Planning Solutions

 Illuminating resources and paths to a future that’s empowering.


What is future planning?

Future planning, different from person-centered planning, means we consider every facet of the client, their life, and their support team, then provide guidance and steps for that team to make in preparation for the future. Future planning can be a naturally uncomfortable or emotional experience, but bringing in a facilitator to illuminate and clarify the process can mean the difference between avoiding future plans and embracing them. The future will come either way; being prepared for it can provide much-needed peace of mind.

What do future planning facilitators consider?

 Our future planning services address six key components when looking ahead at the client’s life:

  1. Expressing wishes for the future
  2. Deciding where to live
  3. Financing the future
  4. Supporting major and daily life decisions
  5. Employment and daily activities
  6. Making social connections

What do future planning services entail for you?

 First, our facilitator gets to know you and your team, including relatives, friends, caregivers, and any other trusted individuals who may be a part of your future support system. The facilitator guides the support team through all of the six above components, helping them make decisions and gather necessary information. 

This takes place with a schedule and location you and your team feels most comfortable with. At the end of a series of meetings, the group will have compiled a comprehensive, tangible action plan that can be shared with the whole team and referenced (and updated) as time goes on.

Downloadable Future Planning flier