Meet Our Support Brokers

 Each of our brokers is or has been part of a support system to a close relative with disabilities, whether a child or sibling. They know the inner workings of these programs and systems, because they’ve been there themselves. Now they’re bringing their skills and expertise to guide their clients and clients’ families. You don’t have to do this all alone. Having a knowledgeable team on your side can make a massive difference when it comes to life planning for yourself or a loved one with disabilities. We can be a valuable member of your team. 

About Us


Laura Martin

I am both the owner of Creative Solutions and one of our support brokers and future planning facilitators. As a mom of two children with disabilities (my son has autism, anxiety, ADHD, and cognitive delays, and my daughter has ADHD), I have long been working my way through the various systems. Originally from the south, I moved to Wisconsin in 2015 in search of a sustainable long-term support system for me and my children. I opened Creative Solutions of Wisconsin because I believe in helping to create an encouraging culture of empowerment and creativity by completely listening to people with disabilities and advocating for others to do the same. I love helping people work through hurdles and create solution options that they can choose to pursue when they’re compelled to. I believe that sustainable independence looks different for each person, disabled or not, and we should fight for those who may be too discouraged or tired to fight for themselves, or whose voices may be dismissed. My children are my driving force, as I know their futures are full of possibilities, and I can’t wait for them to create lives they love with the support they need. 

Beyond all of that, in my spare time (or should I say my dream time!) I enjoy scuba diving, pottery, beaches, a glass of wine by a warm fire, and time with my friends and family (mostly my children). 


Stephanie Mauck

I joined Creative Solutions of WI as a consultant and support broker in August 2018—one of the best decisions I've ever made. I have an extensive background in education as well as advocacy. I came to Creative Solutions from my work as co-founder and administrative director of Wisconsin Independent Learning College, an autism-specific program from 2012 to May 2018. I was honored to receive the Disability Rights

Spirit of ADA Bronze award in 2015. I live in Waukesha with my son, Rob who is 27 and has autism (who recently moved out into an apartment with support) and daughter Julia, 21, who is

at UW-Madison majoring in special ed and elementary education. I enjoy traveling, attending Brewers games and Jazzercise, and being active in my church, Unity Lutheran – Cross of Life in Brookfield. I love working with my clients and their families to help them navigate hurdles and find resources to impact their lives in a positive way. Two of my mantras are “never say never” and “there is always hope.”


Katy Shook

Hi, I’m Katy and I have been with Creative Solutions in Dane County since May 2019. Prior to coming to Creative Solutions I worked for DVR in the Madison office for 4 years, and for Dane County Human Services in Economic Assistance Programs (Foodshare, Healthcare, Childcare, W2, and QMB/SLMB) for 4 years. In addition to my time working at DVR and Dane County, I have worked for various AFHs in Dane County for 9 years and have extensive experience in residential services. My broad background in Dane County has helped me learn many resources and build many connections with workers in various important programs, which allows me to help my clients access a variety of supports.

On a personal note, I am a mother of 4, including a son with autism. I am also a foster parent and have had 24 foster children in my home over the last 5 years. I left my job with Dane County to take some time off to spend at home with kids and help my son transition into full-day school. I have spent the last 9 years of my professional life working with adults with various needs and helping them access the supports that they need to gain and maintain success in various arenas of their lives; when I was looking to return to work I needed a flexible schedule but found that many jobs that offered that aspect were lacking in what has become my passion—making a difference in people's lives and helping them to attain their goals for their own lives. I love being a support broker because it pulls from almost a decade of human services experience and gives me a chance to really help my clients identify and achieve goals while teaching them how to work within the IRIS program and become their own best resource.


Laurine Lusk

 I’ve worked as a Support Broker for Creative Solutions of WI for just over one year. Prior to coming to Creative Solutions, I spent 25 years as an advocate for school-aged issues, working for the Parent Education Project of WI and WI FACETS. As I learned to advocate for adults with disabilities, I spent 10 years representing developmental disabilities on Dane County’s Long-term Support Committee, 5 years working for The Management Group (an IRIS Consulting Agency), and 3 ½ years working for United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Dane County. I’m the mother of a young woman who has autism and together we’ve hired and supervised my daughter’s support staff for over 18 years. In my spare time, my husband and I enjoy kayaking, gardening, and remodeling our home on little Lake Belleview. 


Kelly Klein

Hi! I’m Kelly and I live in Waterford. I was an Early Childhood Special Education teacher in Franklin for 11 years before taking some time off to be a mom and eventually start my own photography business. I have a sister who is deaf and has OCD and intellectual delays. Our parents have both passed away and she has lived with me and my family since March 2013. 

I became a Support Broker because I’ve jumped through those hoops and I’ve dealt with that red tape and I know how hard that process can be. I know the importance of future planning and the desire to see my sister live a full and enriching life while also securing necessary respite for myself and my family as her caregivers. In addition to my experiences as a sibling, I have also worked with many families as a special education teacher and understand what it's like to work with other professionals to accomplish a goal. My sincere wish is to help my clients access the support and resources they need to live the life they desire. 

In my free time, I enjoy photography, reading, traveling and laughing with friends. I’m married and have three kids (the youngest is a senior in high school) and two hilarious dogs.


Erika Blend

Integrity, detail orientation, dedication, and communication are just a few of the attributes I bring to every new client interaction. As a devoted wife and mother to identical twin girls, I have become an expert at efficiently multi-tasking. Born and raised in WI, I also enjoy the beauty that all four seasons bring. I prefer to approach all situations with a positive can-do attitude. After spending eighteen years in sales/retail management, I have taken my skill-set from retail to real estate, carrying over the same passion I have always had: helping people. I also have a passion for special needs and individuals with disabilities. One of my twin daughters has autism and I strive always to get her the resources she needs to live her best possible life. I can do the same for you and your family as a support broker!


Becky Thompson

 Hello! My name is Becky Thompson and I am excited to rejoin Creative Solutions of Wisconsin in 2020. I opened the company with Laura Martin and took a step back when I was recovering from cancer. I have now been in remission for over a year. 

I have been a Support Broker since 2015 and an advocate for families who have special needs for 25 years. 
My specific passion within long-term care is looking at sustainable housing and community. I am always looking to learn more so that I can bring that information to my clients and their families. 
I returned to college at Mount Mary University in 2012 and graduated in 2015 with a degree in Community Activism with an emphasis on Art Therapy, Sociology and Theology. Additionally, I obtained a certificate in Peace Building. 
My background is unique in that I had a beloved aunt who was born with Down Syndrome. At the time she came into this world, it was common to give her to an institution. Her mother, my grandmother, did not feel that she should be put away and instead taught her everything she needed to know. My aunt is 22 years older than me, so I was able to witness not only her growth, but also the problem solving and advocating that had to happen as she aged and eventually outlived her parents. We had to navigate long-term care and all the benefits and programming that surround someone who has different abilities. I learned so much from my sweet Aunt Kathy and hold her memory close as I work with each client and their family. 
What I know is that a solution works until it doesn't and I am always looking for what options may be available. I am passionate about bridge-building within the community to encourage natural supports and break barriers and misconceptions about people who have different abilities. 
When I am not working, I am spending time with my three children. My youngest is on the spectrum and benefits from a program at Marquette University.