Support Broker Services

  Our services are as unique and individual as you are.   


What is a support broker?

 Our support brokers are a team of knowledgeable individuals who are trained to advocate for their clients and present them with the information and options they need to succeed. They are hired by people with disabilities, or their families, to help them navigate the many systems and programs they are likely to encounter throughout all stages of life. They also keenly focus on helping client’s blend all the aspects of life—social, emotional, financial, mental, and physical—to provide them more peace of mind and support for self-determination. 

What can brokers help with?

  • Medicaid/Medicare programs
  • IRIS Program
  • Finding appropriate and affordable housing
  • Housemate matching
  • Recruiting caregivers (and reducing caregiver turnover)
  • SSI issues
  • Friendship facilitation and community support
  • Enrichment and other programs
  • Referrals for special needs trusts, ABLE accounts, and financial planning
  • Connection to employment opportunities
  • Child to adult program transitions
  • Following relevant policies and relaying updates succinctly
  • Long-term goal-setting, self-advocacy, and overall support

Here’s what you need to know:

Support brokering through Creative Solutions is an incredibly customized service specifically tailored to your needs as an individual client. Each client works with a particular broker, but our brokers also work as a team; if another broker has resources, experience, or knowledge that can help your specific situation, we call on them for guidance. 

No client is the same; they’re each completely individual and deserving of individual planning and attention. That’s why our brokers tailor their supports and services  to you and your family, ensuring that you have all the information and resources you need to reach your goals without feeling overwhelmed.