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What is Daily Living Skills Training?

Our Daily Living Skills Training program is a customizable education-based program that assists people with disability in developing or improving their skills to independently perform routine daily activities and effectively use community resources whenever needed. Our hands-on instruction is focused on skill development in a number of areas like:

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Personal hygiene practices

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Community mobility

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Food preparation

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Home upkeep & maintenance

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Computer use

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Money management

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Driving evaluation & lessons

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Accessing and Using Community Resources

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Social Skills

Build Skills to Confidently Manage Daily Living Tasks

Creative Solutions of Wisconsin has developed a customizable, comprehensive Daily Living Skills Training program specially designed to help you or a loved one build skills that help to foster independence. Our one-on-one training services can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months or until you feel confident in your skill development. We collect and review data to verify your progress and adjust your training accordingly.

Meeting Your Trainers and Support Team

When you join our Daily Living Skills Training program, you’ll work with experienced Direct Support Professionals and Registered Behavioral Technicians to master the skills you need to meet your goals. Your support team will be equipped with a Disability Support Specialist Team Lead, who train your Direct Support Professionals, oversee your training program progress, assist in identifying and implementing your goals, and handle all reporting to the Direct Support Program Director and BCBA.

Our team of Direct Support Professionals are guided and supported by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and are specially trained by Director and Disability Support Specialists to develop tailored learning plans based on the unique needs and abilities of each of our clients.

Getting Started

Our comprehensive Daily Living Skills Training services are individualized to meet your specific needs. All our training services begin with a comprehensive needs assessment conducted by a BCBA or BCaBA and include a report generated to specifically outline your targeted goals. Once you’ve decided to join our training program, you’ll get in touch with your IC or Service Coordinator to request the number of recommended hours suggested from our initial discussion. After the services are approved, our Disability Support Specialist Team Lead will begin to build a relationship with you, your family, and any other members of your support team. We’ll develop a set of goals and create a training schedule with our Disability Support Specialists so you can get started on building new skills!

Exploring the Skills that Make Sense for You

We offer training and education for people of all ages, from childhood through adulthood.

As you work with our Daily Living Skills Training team, we will help you identify which skills you would like to master. Together, we’ll use the Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS) and the Eden Autism Series Assessment to identify areas where you would like specific skill training. These assessments along with guardian and client reports/requests allow us to develop a comprehensive assessment package made just for you.

Track Your Progress as You Go

Our Daily Living Skills Training team will work with you to assess your needs and abilities to assist you in making the most informed decisions about the direction of your training and education. We also help track your progress over time so you can use this information for administration requirements like Medicaid waivers. Together, we can master the skills you need to meet your daily and long-term goals.

Getting Started with Living Skills Training
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Learning to Fold Clothes
Program Funding

Program Funding

Our Intake Coordinator can assist you and your support team with recommendations on procuring funding for our Daily Living Skills Training services. Your main resource for funding participation in this program will be working with your IRIS Consultant or County Service Coordinator, but there are private pay options available as well.

Let’s Talk About Your Needs and Goals

We’re here to be an integral part of your support team. That means getting to know you and finding out exactly what you want so we can get there together. Let’s connect and get started!

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