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It can feel overwhelming finding the right support for you or a loved one. There is a lot of information to weed through when trying to find a team you can trust, that meets your unique needs, and that can be there to help you plan for the unexpected.

That’s why we’ve asked a few of our clients to share their own real life experiences with Creative Solutions of Wisconsin. Explore some of their experiences below to learn more about what it’s really like to work with our team! If you ever have any questions, we’re always here to help!

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Our son Ben is a sweet, funny, happy, loving young man. Since early childhood he has struggled with ADHD, learning challenges and autism that was not diagnosed until age 17. With the support of wonderful and caring teachers and other support staff he graduated from high school on time.. He had a couple of jobs that he enjoyed very much and even took a class at MATC. Beginning in his early teens Ben began to speak with the angels and that has continued to today. Eventually Ben and his dad lived in a rental farm house and Ben tended his large garden growing vegetables that were then donated to Second Harvest food bank. Then began a three year period of increasing social isolation during which the angels became more vocal and angry. Ben began to retreat within himself and was not able to interact with others as he had previously. His behavior became irritable, angry and unpredictable. There were a few violent outbursts and numerous police calls. A period of multiple med trials and hospitalizations occurred. He would stabilize in the hospital but regress when he returned to his home environment. We were at our wits end . Patrick Sharp with Creative Solutions joined our team in the summer of 2020 and worked some magic. He was able to connect us with an adult family home and other social supports. Since October Ben has once again become the funny happy guy we once knew. He loves the family taking care of him, he has a job two days a week, and spends three afternoons a week with Achieve Abilities doing various social activities. He still talks to the angels some but is much more interactive. There have been no police calls and no hospitalizations. We cannot thank Patrick enough for his knowledge and skills in helping us navigate such a difficult situation.

I cannot thank you enough.

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We recently participated in the Future Planning Program at Creative Solutions. It was a great way to prepare for our daughter’s future.  Since the program was broken down into chunks it was easy to digest.  It made everything less overwhelming and it was nice to have an ally. We liked having scheduled meetings that kept us on task. While we knew of some of the resources available, we also learned a lot and it left us feeling very hopeful. I would recommend this program to anyone navigating the waters of having an adult with special needs.

Sarita S, Waterford
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The thing I like most about Creative Solutions is that they don’t see “boundaries,” they see POSSIBILITIES! Their “out of the box” thinking has helped my son continue to reach his goals.

Sally, West Allis, WI
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Creative Solutions is fiercely protective, emphatically committed, extremely willing and completely capable of helping you live your best life! My life and that of my son have improved threefold. I am forever grateful.

Char, New Berlin, WI
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Without Stephanie, we wouldn’t be able to give our daughter the very best she deserves. I can’t thank you all enough!

Shelly, Waukesha
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Creative Solutions and the Future Planning Program was such a great program for our family.  They helped us organize everything surrounding our special needs son for our other children for the future.  It was a great resource in one concise place that our children can reference in the event something would happen to us. The information given was invaluable and it allows us to have peace of mind for the future for our son that our other children have at their fingertips with all the information they need for his future.

Monica B, Waterford

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