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Our Mission

Creative Solutions of Wisconsin strives to assist the disability community by creatively removing barriers, allowing each and every person with disability to live the lives they choose and design for themselves.

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Our Vision

We pursue continuous and creative innovation in disability support services to raise the standards of care for the disability community, to drive disability advocacy and affect policy, and to break down barriers for a more inclusive society for all.

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It’s About More Than Individual Support, It’s a Movement

Instead of conforming to the boxes and barriers that are placed on the disability community, we work creatively to support the lives people with disability strive to live, not just help them live inside the constraints of society’s accepted standards. We seek to empower the disability community through all levels of access, from direct support through better education models for caregivers to helping businesses and organizations build more inclusive environments, all the way to political advocacy for total systemic change. We believe, together, we can break down the barriers that deny people with disability their right to lead the lives they choose.

Our Philosophy

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Building Strong Relationships with Our Clients

We believe the most important thing we can do is build trusting relationships with our clients so they may see us as their partner in building the lives they choose using existing support systems. While doing so, we continually act as their ally in creating a more accessible community and society. We approach each relationship with honesty, mutual respect, and warmth. At Creative Solutions of Wisconsin, we recognize that our clients are our true teachers and help guide and drive the growth of our organization.

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Making an Impact,
One Person at a Time

At Creative Solutions of Wisconsin, we actively work to help our clients feel empowered and confident. We will not allow societal or structural barriers to deny our clients the ability to set and meet their life goals. While the systems in place may not readily offer solutions, we will work together creatively to find the resources we need to encourage self-determination and successful independence, in whatever way each client envisions.

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Making an Impact

Improving Care from the Ground Up

There is a caregiver shortage throughout our county that has negatively impacted the quality of life for the disability community, the financial systems that support them, and quality of employment for current caregivers. We are professionalizing this role through our Registered Apprenticeship program, a proven educational and training model. Through this, we can increase the quality of support provided, decrease financial burdens caused by turnover, and provide the job satisfaction that drives the caregiving workforce to improve.

Providing appropriate support for people with disabilities is not an easy or natural ability because each person, disability, and need is different. By providing comprehensive education, enrolled Direct Support Professionals will be equipped to support each person with understanding and knowledge that allows them to build relationships and the confidence to learn more and grow in their profession.

Our Registered Apprenticeship Program

Comprehensive, Compassionate Support

We hope to drastically improve the standards of support for the disability community by amplifying their voice and their choices. Our support team actively listens to each of our client’s dreams, desires, and hurdles and then creatively blend resources to help them achieve their goals. Sometimes, we have to use our own voices to get society to listen but only long enough to create a platform for the disability community to speak for themselves.

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Our Approach

Let’s Talk About Your Needs and Goals

We’re here to be an integral part of your support team. That means getting to know you and finding out exactly what you want so we can get there together. Let’s connect and get started!

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